Is that a serious question? To get together with their friends. Of course! 
Actually, Vienna coffee house traditions have evolved down the years.

In fact, women were first officially granted entry to coffee houses in 1856; and then, initially, only as guests of their husbands and men. Most visits took place after a soirée or a ball. At this time women seen alone, who were served nevertheless, were officially tolerated to enable men to make their acquaintance – as a kind of forerunner to today’s dating platforms. Over time, women began to meet female friends and gather in small groups to drink coffee, play cards and gossip.

Until the mid-19th century, the vast majority of coffee houses were male domains where groups of men came to play games, smoke, play billiards or read newspapers and journals. For the first time around 1840 there were sporadic reports of women visiting coffee houses. This was met with scorn by most of the male patrons. By 1900 there were approximately 600 coffee houses in Vienna, and even at that time almost all the guests were male. This may cause us to shake our heads today, but back then no-one would have even raised an eyebrow. After all, Austrian women only won the right to vote in 1918.

Naturally, the enjoyment of coffee alone was never the goal, since this pleasure was discovered by women and men alike – a long time ago. Coffee drinking reveals a person’s attitude to life itself. The question “Fancy a coffee?” is a wonderful metaphor for pleasant conversation in a relaxed setting – and a delicious and flavoursome cup of coffee is the perfect accompaniment.

So, are women permitted to enjoy a coffee?
Of course! Best of all a delicious cup of fabia coffee.