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215°C. That’s the highest temperature to which we expose our gently drum-roasted fabia coffee beans. The secret of the Viennese roasting technique is the time we give the beans. They are very gradually brought up to the required temperature to produce the very best flavours and aromas as they roast. Nor is the colour of the beans as dark as with other methods, a clear reflection of the particularly mild, gentle and prolonged roasting. Time is also a quality factor after the roasting is over. The roasted beans are given plenty of time to rest and allow the flavour to mature and develop; and only then are they carefully filled into the exclusive aroma-sealed bags.

fabia – Time is the secret of quality.


Only the very finest beans and the most vigilant roasting are good enough for the production of fabia specialty coffees.


While adhering to the highest possible standards, we still tweak many of the phases manually. At fabia a compact team of specialists works unceasingly to guarantee continuous qualitative development.


We’ve been producing this coffee in Austria for decades. fabia is a coffee brand for anyone who insists on a top-quality, domestically-manufactured product.


fabia has been about Austrian coffee-drinking traditions since the very beginning. Originally, the brand was registered by Winkler, a company from Linz, to add coffee trading to the distribution of herbs and spices. At the beginning of the 1980s the company moved to Hallwang and built its own coffee bean roasting plant; and fabia has been a permanent fixture here ever since. Ultimately, Segafredo Zanetti bought the business in 1983, conscientiously endeavouring to retain fabia’s identity as a premium-quality Austrian brand, while maintaining two major coffee traditions under one roof.

As a premium-quality Austrian coffee brand fabia also stands for traditional craftsmanship. At our manufactory in Hallwang a small, hand-picked team of excellently trained specialists takes responsibility for the production of the fabia coffee portfolio, each sharing a passion for coffee and a love of their craft. Coffee production is subject to the strictest quality criteria and IFS certification. Nevertheless, many steps still benefit from manual intervention. There’s always been a special buzz when a consignment of ripe green coffee beans from the best plantations in the world arrives in Hallwang and the jute gunny sacks are unloaded by hand. The majority of the contents are arabica and robusta beans which are carefully stored and gently loaded into the roasting drum. Gradually roasted to perfection, the beans are then given plenty of time to rest and allow the full flavour to mature and develop. Finally, this highly refined end-product is packaged in sophisticated aroma-sealed bags, featuring a new and stylish design that communicates the supreme quality offered by our manufactory to every customer.

fabia – Lovingly roasted, stylishly packaged.

fabia accessories

The world of fabia is elegant and timeless, as is reflected in the new, classy packaging and sophisticated accessories. The new “signature” fabia cups are available in two colour schemes. There’s ‘Gold in and on the cup’ with the classic pure gold line; and for purists among our customers there’s the new fabia “signature” cup in a tastefully understated black-and-white look.

fabia – Time is the secret of quality.