Our passion, expertise, and the use of ultra-modern technology, enable us to guarantee uniform excellence every time, across the entire fabia product portfolio. fabia is a premium coffee brand that stands for traditional coffee manufacturing craftsmanship. Even today, in an age when coffee production is subject to the strictest quality specifications and exacting IFS certification, many parts of the process still benefit from manual intervention.

Production of the entire fabia product range is the responsibility of a small, hand-picked team of excellently trained specialists. When the consignments of raw beans arrive in Hallwang from the world’s foremost growing regions, our master roasters immediately inspect the contents to guarantee they are of immaculate quality. Then there’s a test roast, during which even the smallest of details are recorded. fabia coffee is roasted with great care in the drum, and the whole team then samples and discusses its impressions of the end product after each roast.

What makes fabia coffees so special is the time given to the beans to roast. They are brought up to the desired roasting temperature very gradually to enable the flavours and aromas to unfold to the maximum. Nor is the colour of the beans as dark as with other methods, a clear reflection of particularly mild, gentle and prolonged roasting. Time is also a quality factor after the roasting is over. The roasted beans are given plenty of time to rest and allow the flavour to mature and develop. Only then are they carefully filled into our exclusive aroma-sealed bags.


The fabia team is always close by. Whether help is required choosing the most suitable coffee, training new serving staff, or technical assistance is needed for machines and grinders, over 30 employees are in action all over Austria to ensure customers benefit from local advice and support. The superb quality promised by fabia applies to the entire product range, and also to the service provided by our excellently trained team.