When our head of production, Helmut Stadler, and his deputy, Lucas Kobald, talk about fabia, it becomes immediately clear that they’re both passionate coffee connoisseurs.

Helmut Stadler has been perfecting fabia coffee blends and roasts for 34 years: “When I began here in 1986 roasting was still a manual task. We actually put together the blends for each product by hand.” To guarantee uniform quality and blend precision the roasting system is now fully automatic, but there’s still room for experimentation. Lucas Kobald has been on board for the past year. Above all, on top of his expertise in mechatronics, he contributes another major attribute: “I’ve always loved drinking coffee – the way it should be – without milk and sugar.”
The key to producing the perfect coffee is a clear sense of the desired flavour. “The unroasted coffee is analysed very assiduously to ensure immaculate quality can be guaranteed. Subsequently, the selected ingredients are test-roasted, and all the specifics are precisely documented. The end-product is then sampled by the whole team,” explain Helmut and Lucas. The blends and roasts are constantly being refined and optimised, as this is the only way to guarantee the small batches from the roastery in Hallwang are always first-class products.

Why not fresh from the roasting drum?

What are the most important ingredients in the coffee manufacturing process? “Expertise, devotion and time.” That’s an opinion shared by both of our production specialists. Time is of the essence when it comes to the maturation of the flavour and aroma. Helmut Stadler outlines a common error: “Freshly-roasted is a very misleading concept, often used to communicate the freshness of a coffee. Actually, nobody would really want to drink a freshly-roasted coffee because it’s simply not finished yet; the flavour hasn’t matured enough.

Only the best roast our coffee

Devotion to a craft is a desirable ingredient, but at fabia nothing is of greater importance than the relevant training, qualifications and expertise. Helmut Stadler learned his trade from the ground floor under a traditional master roaster. He is devoted to the task of refining the blends and developing the roasting process to the complete satisfaction of his own trained palate: “Even after decades, I’ve never lost my enthusiasm for roasting coffee.”
In contrast, Lucas Kobald completed official training and became a certified master roastman. He’s a ‘Professional Level’ barista, too, and his modern grasp of the subject provides fresh inputs on a day-to-day basis. Helmut’s years of hands-on experience and Lucas’ modern ideas and insights combine harmoniously to achieve an absolutely immaculate roast. At the roastery there are special days reserved for the production of each individual fabia coffee type. Asked about their favourite fabia coffee, both production managers speak with a single voice: “Wiener Mokka!” Here’s to the next cup of fabia!

You’re very welcome to try one!